Wednesday, March 28, 2012

*WT-Q?? Duck Dynasty


In keeping with the country theme of WTF!!??? or more like WT- "Q"UACK is  Duck Dynasty a new reality show on Channel 31 (A&E) is my new FAVOURITE. How refreshing it was to be sitting up reading - HUNGER GAMES, yes I have joined the hype and there is hype for very good reason...I couldn't put the book down..I bought it so that my daughter and I could read it together every night and now, when she is fast asleep I can't help but conitnue to read...knowing that the following night I will be re-reading the chapters that had sucked me in...but this post IS NOT about the Hunger Games..even though YAYAY to the fact that my man Lenny has a  part  in the movie and I can't wait to finish the book so that I can go to the movies and watch I was saying I was sitting up reading with the TV on mute (sorry environment)  and instead of tuning into a crime show...getting sucked into the NEWS or watching drug addicts families suffer through interventions....I noticed this new show..DUCK DYNASTY.. I had seen previews and thought WTF is this Sh*t they are coming out with..really?? a bunch of hillbilly's running around making hunting calls?? BUT WAIT...I LOVE THE ROBERTSONS! I AM HOOKED. I watched two episodes last actually got me to pull away from THE HUNGER GAMES!! My favourite character has to be the Dad...PHIL, he is down to earth, country boy fun. There is something about him that you gotta love....whether it be his old school values or the way he cleans those bull frogs for his wife's DVD "The Commander's Kitchen" he is my kinda guy;)
The rest of the bunch are hilarious...I honestly haven't laughed at TV in such a long time it felt weird too, sitting by myself just cracking up.  Its almost as if I know this family personally:);)  No flashy lights...just good ol' country peeps doing there thang. Another aspect I love is that they BY HAND make these duck calls...BY HAND !! they sit around and fill orders upon orders...talking a family...I LOVE IT...whether what we are seeing is scripted (I don't believe it is) or not, this show has got me entertained. I love Willie and his wife's relationship...the football practice had my cheeks hurting!....Willie and his brother Si, oops Jase. OMG most hilarious dynamics....they were out bull frog hunting at 3 am in the morning and Jase (Willie - the CEO's brother) drops a snake into the boat...all you see is Willie (not a small man) literally jump out of the boat into the water...honestly if your not too cool for the country YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW!! It is honestly the most exciting thing to happen to television in a LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME!!!! I'd love to spend a wknd with this family they are kick-ass. Tonight a new episode at 10:00pm...sounds like a good time to start a new club!!

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